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Solutions Since 1987


It is very possible that you may have already heard, touched or somehow used the technology created by the DFMtech team.

Most of the products and projects we have worked on are not visible to the general public. We're often a behind-the-scenes kind of group, as many of our projects have been embedded into products for companies like yours.

On Call on hold woman

When you've been put on hold during a call, you might be listening to a DFMtech product.

When you have your morning coffee, it might be brewed by a control system designed by DFMtech.

When you buy a ticket in a parking lot, you may be using something touched by DFMtech.

When you go to the dentist, the control system of the chair you sit in might be from DFMtech.

You get the idea...

Here's a brief list of the range of projects that DFMtech has created control systems for, a:
Panelized Printed Circuit Board

  • coffee maker
  • yogurt maker
  • dental chair
  • humidity control system
  • vending machine
  • industrial process control
  • water puriļ¬cation system

We’ve also had our hand in other products such as:

PCB with SMT components

  • Windows CE computer reference design
  • Digital voice playback
  • 3-D camera and display system
  • Remote telemetry equipment
  • Battery management system

As you can see, whatever you have in mind, we've probably done it, or something quite like it.

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