October 5 2014
Comfest Special one Day sale on Kits and Enclosures

October 4 2014
Enclosures and interface boards are now on Sale
Price is $250.00

July 25 2014

Dave VE7AHT and I did some testing of the new CW firmware that Jack W0FNQ has beed working on.

Testing of CW beta Software
We are getting there. ;-)

June 10 2014

First face to face meeting of customer/developer not local to VE7 land and VE7PKE.
Here is Jack G. W0FNQ showing off new RXTX packaging during Eyeball QSO with VE7PKE.
Jack has been working on CW enhancements soon to be released.
Notice the newly sourced knobs are will be standard on the enclosure kits.

Jack holding new case 800x600

May 14 2014
New package for Ensemble RXTX is announced.
See the enclosures page for more details.
Still waiting a final pricing.
Picture of Prototype. Final version will be anodized and laser marked.
Ordering will open up very soon.
On air performance is outstanding.

May 3 2014
Attended a very successful Maple Ridge Ham Fest


Table at Maple Ridge Ham fest VE7TJM chatting with the other vendors

May 2 2014
Firmware release 1.502 is released
Head over the the Yahoo group for latest hex file and updated documentation.

Dec 1 2013

Over 50 kits have been shipped to 15 countries. The word is spreading.
Firmware 1.037 is released.

November 2 2013
I have a table at Maple Ridge BC tomorrow. Drop by and say hello. I will have a couple of units there for you to look at. I will be taking orders and will have some product there to sell.

November 1 2013
Enclosure 2
Enclosure 8

Custom Enclosure for STM32-SDR and Ensemble now available Price $50.00 USD. I have a small run in stock and 1 week delivery if I sell out. Until I figure out shipping email me to express interest.

October 17 2013

Dave Miller VE7PKE put on a talk and demo at the Delta Amateur Radio Club. It was well attended and there was lots of interest and questions. I was able to run a coax from club ham shack and had radios on the air.


Photos courtesy Doug VE7WLF

BTW Jason in the front was not sleeping, he was looking at his iPad. ;-)